A Guide to how to get rid of lice

Check everyone.
Check out the entire family, yourself included. Head lice are very easily spread. Chances are if you have more than one child the other ones will have them also. You and any other adults may also have lice so make sure everyone gets checked out.

Over the counter.
Go to your local drug store (chemist) or supermarket and purchase some lice medicine. The medicine is predominantly over the counter shampoo or oil which you will use on your little ones head. The instructions in the package are easy to follow. Make sure you get a box for everyone that needs to be treated. Even when they appear to have gone, follow the instructions exactly. They will come back if you do not follow the treatment.

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How to get rid of lice continued

Wash everything.
How to get rid of lice? All of the bedding in the house will need to be washed. This includes the pillows. Sometimes it is easier to just buy new pillows. All of your kid's stuffed animals will also need to be washed. They will be fine after washing there is no need to replace them.

Comb out your kids hair.
Before you start the treatment also make sure your kids hair is tangle free. This will make it a lot easier to comb after the shampoo treatment.

Check their helmets and hats.
You may not realize how many helmets your kids wear. This is especially true if they are sharing helmets at camps or sporting events. Even if they all wear their own helmets and they store them next to each other, check them out really carefully. This could easily be where the head lice came from in the first place. If the helmet has a lining take it out and either wash it or replace it. The same is true of all hats. This includes baseball caps. Sometimes these things get overlooked and you have to go through the whole treatment again.

Swap brands.
Try a different brand of treatment if your first one does not work. Also, sometimes when you use the same treatment over and over again it can lose its ability to work.

Check and check.
Double check the kids hair every week for about a month. This will help to ensure you catch any problems early.

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Let everyone know.
You will need to let anyone who has spent time with your kids that they may have been exposed to head lice. This might seems really embarrassing but trust me everyone will understand.

Check and double check
When you get the lice kit it will have a small lice comb that is to be used for egg removal. The eggs stick to the hair like they have been glued on. So even after you have used the shampoo and gone through and removed all the eggs. After a day or so go back through and double check your little ones head. Sometimes it is hard to see all the eggs and if you miss one you can get re-infected with the little bugs.

After you have got rid of all the little head lice , make sure that you let your child know that this did not happen because of something they did wrong. It is almost a rite of passage. Everybody knows someone who has had to deal with this problem. Good luck and all the best.

head lice

It can be really difficult to get rid of head lice. You think that they are gone. You go through all steps but somehow they are still there. Maybe a little bug or an egg survived. That is all it takes. Just one and you are right back where you started from with head lice.

Avoiding re-infection of head lice

The only thing you can do if your child keeps getting re-infected with head lice is to go through the steps of head lice removal again. One of the things you want to make sure that you do, especially when your child keeps getting lice over and over again is contact the school. Do not feel embarrassed. The school sees cases of head lice all the time as it is very common. Once told, the school will make sure that all of the kids get checked for head lice and will be totally anonymous. Just one child with lice after everyone has been treated will cause the outbreak to continue, therefore informing the school is of paramount importance.

Try something natural

It can be very frustrating, getting rid of head lice. They are very stubborn bugs. Sometimes it is best when the chemical options are not working to try something natural. Like with the over the counter options you may have to try different things. So here are some all natural options.

1. Use oil. You can use vegetable oil or Olive oil which ever you have on hand. Put the oil in your hair covering it completely and keep it in overnight then wash and the bugs should be dead. The oil will make removing the left over eggs easy.

2. Wash your hair with a harsh shampoo and rinse with apple cider vinegar. You will still need to use the lice comb to remove the eggs. Caution if you have sensitive skin this might burn. So test out a area first.

3. Finally the most time consuming way but it does work. Is just to sit down and come out all of the head lice. First take normal size mens comb and work it through your childs hair. This will pull out some of the bugs. Have some sticky tape handy to put them on so they cannot jump around. Then after you have removed all the bugs you can with the regular comb. Start with the special lice comb. This will take a while but if you get them all then you should be lice free.

Good luck.

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